Submitting A Website

Here at Beautiful 2.0 we prefer to accept only the most artistic websites into our gallery. In general, our websites have breathtaking design, amazing technical achievement, ingenious originality, or are unmistakable resources to the design and development community.

To us, the most important quality that we like our gallery websites to have is to be as artistic and well-designed as possible in their design and visual function. Because of this, we can be extremely selective.

We realize that there are many beautiful websites out there that may not have a place in our gallery. Please do not let this discourage you from submitting your websites to us. If we have the time, we will give you feedback as to why it was included, or not included as the case may be.

Please use the payment button on the right to submit your beautiful websites for consideration. Thanks, and good luck!

- The Beautiful 2.0 Team

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