Just About Beautiful

The Beautiful 2.0 project was founded by artist and designer Christopher Nelson with the purpose of showcasing the most beautiful and artistic websites for study, inspiration, and viewing pleasure. 

"Web 2.0" means more than just social networking or increased communications on the internet. It also symbolizes the advent of CSS and the rise of web development as both a serious and extremely coveted design medium. Indeed, the attention and focus on beautiful web design is increasing at an exponential rate.

The Web 2.0 generation of designers are just getting started. These designers understand that website design involves more than just textual information; it is now the most viable means of visual communications in existence. Beautiful 2.0 is proud to showcase and document the best of these designs and developments for all to look at and admire. We hope that our collection exhilarates and inspires you.

Thanks ever so much,
The Beautiful 2.0 Team

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Beautiful 2.0 is an extremely selective web design gallery that showcases exceptionally artistic HTML/CSS websites. Our viewers are comprised of designers, developers, businesses, design firms and of course, potential clients.

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